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Shopping is fun but seriously draining on your wallet. So is it possible to shop and still save money? At Target's I can do both. I enjoy incredible savings using coupons week after week. There's a whole range of couponing options open to people like me who are earnest about saving money on our shopping trips. Check out the different coupons that Target offers.

1. Online Coupons

Check the website for coupons on a variety of products before you head to the store. Whether you shop for groceries, stationery, household items, kitchenware, clothing or office supplies you will find plenty of deals which can be combined with coupons from manufacturers and Cartwheel offers too. You will be saving several dollars for every shopping trip you make with these couponing deals.

2. Mobile Coupons

Target offers special promotions and savings coupons through its Mobile coupons program. Sign up for these and turn your phone into a coupon machine. Every month you will receive a fresh batch of coupons with barcodes that can be scanned at the checkout counter.

3. Target Cartwheel Coupons

Target offers a new social coupon program. Each of these coupons can be used for buying up to 4 items mentioned in the deal. That is if the coupon is for a tube of toothpaste. You can buy tubes and get the discount on each of them. Sign up for this online. Log in before your shopping trips and choose the coupons you think you will need and get the cashier to scan your personal bar code at the register to deduct the amounts mentioned on the coupons. Download the app that stores your bar code on the phone or print out a copy and keep it in your wallet every time you shop at Target. The best thing about these Cartwheel coupons is that you can stack them with manufacturer coupons and Target store coupons to get big discounts on the some items.

4. Receipt Coupons

Every time you shop at Target the company prints some high value coupon deals at the end of the receipt. So check yours before tossing it into the trash bin. These deals offer me extra ways to save money when I shop at Target the next time.

5. Sales With Manufacturer Coupons

To increase savings when out shopping at Target I combine my manufacturer coupons with items on sale. But of course matching coupons with sales at Target is a lot of work. It means I have to painstakingly go through all the deals and match them against manufacturer coupons on hand. But in the last few years I have cut down my work load to almost nil as now I spend barely a few minutes browsing through some great websites that match sales to manufacturer coupons. I quickly go through them before stepping out on my shopping trip. I invariably end up saving several dollars each trip with this one single tip.

6. Coupons Combined With Trial Size Goods

This is a new trick that I have learned to get products almost for free. The trial size sections has several items marked down. Combine newspaper coupons that don't have size restrictions and match them against items on display at the trial section. I have been amazed at the many things that I have been able to get for almost free in these sweet deals.